Hygge for the Garden? Creating a Stylish Outdoor Space

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The last couple of years have seen an overhaul of our interiors in the much lauded ‘Hygge’ Scandinavian style. With our interiors sorted, it’s now time to turn our eyes to our external spaces & 2017 looks set to continue with this particular trend.

So, what is Hygge? There is no English translation, quite simply it’s about creating an environment that is both minimalist and cosy. Surrounding yourself with soft furnishings & items that are pleasing to the eye but, also, functional. Blogs like hyggehouse.com are worth checking out as they are specifically dedicated to the theme of Hygge & offer some fantastic ideas and inspiration.

From a functional point of view, if you’re thinking of creating a Scandinavian style garden for the Summer, decluttering is key! Spring is traditionally the time of year we start prepping our gardens for the long (let’s hope) Summer days & nights to come. If you’re looking for stylish garden sheds in Brighton look no further than the Garden Shed Co. They have a fantastic selection of sheds and Summer houses in Brighton at their showroom, or you can peruse their website.

Once you’ve got your storage situation in check (or indeed your Summer house if you want to create a beautiful garden room) it’s time to clear your garden, cutting your grass is an obvious first, also getting rid of any dead plants, shrubs, tree and hedge cuttings. If disposing of your garden waste is something you need help with Brighton and Hove garden waste collection, is now available city wide.

The key to creating a beautiful outdoor space is a simple one (as with most things) ‘Less is More’. It’s amazing what a string of outdoor fairy lights, some simple throws & cushions and maybe a few tea lights can do for your garden. Let’s just hope we get the weather to enjoy it!

For more information about the Garden Shed Co & their latest offers contact their head office on 0151 559 0773.

Garden Rooms the alternative outdoor studio space for Brighton Artists – The Garden Shed Co

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With the recent boom in shed renovations (see Channel 4’s Shed of the Year) innovative and quirky buildings (Grand Designs) and unusual builds (George Clarkes Amazing Spaces) people are now re-thinking their outdoor space. From a practical point of view, a garden room or summerhouse can provide an excellent outside office space, giving you the peace and quiet you need to work without the distractions of a busy household.

Thinking about your own artist’s studio? The Garden Shed Co offer a wide variety of sheds Brighton. A garden room can easily be converted into extra room to concentrate on your work, somewhere light, airy and a space to truly call “your own”. As an alternative to the classic garden shed or summerhouse in Brighton, a Garden Room is an attractive addition to your property. Typically, garden rooms have more glass included in the structure, offering more light, particularly important if you want to use one as a studio.

The beauty of an outdoor garden building is that you can really get stuck in creatively. Wood is a fantastic medium to work with and can be painted or varnished as you see fit, hence some of the more “interesting” shed renovations we’ve seen (including a shed converted into a road worthy vehicle – if you can believe it). As an addition to your property a garden room adds space, personality, individuality and style.

For for more information regarding sheds, garden rooms and summerhouses Brighton contact The Garden Shed Co on 01273 457751 or visit their website www.thegardenshedco.co.uk.

Looking for the perfect Summerhouse in Brighton and Hove?

These last few days of glorious Spring sunshine have got us thinking about the Summer. For those of you lucky enough to have a garden to enjoy, a garden shed is essential. If you’re looking forward stretching your days and looking to enjoy balmy summer evenings in the garden, a Summerhouse is a must. Following the popularity of Channel 4’s Shed of the Year in 2015, there has been an increased interest in recreating your own individual outdoor space.

Sheds are fantastic to convert into your own little haven, if we are lucky enough to get weather we are hoping for this Summer then a Summerhouse in Brighton and Hove offers a blank canvas on which to stamp your own individual idea of the perfect bolthole. Whether it’s bar, coffee shop, ships cabin or something a borrower would live in we’ve seen them all!

If, however you don’t want to undergo a major project our Summerhouses don’t actually require any renovation work. You can keep it simple just by adding some summer furniture, cushions and a string of fairy lights to get the desired effect. All our conservatories include double French doors, cottage style windows and a padlock and alarm.

Here at The Garden Shed Co Brighton we endeavour to provide you with the perfect garden Summerhouses in Brighton & Hove. Our wide range of Garden Sheds and Summerhouses are expertly built. The Garden Shed Co offers the complete shed service, we will take away your old shed, lay a base for your new shed, we also offer free delivery and installation.

For further information about our complete shed service or to view our extensive range of Summerhouses and Garden Sheds in Brighton and Hove take a look at our website at www.thegardenshedco.co.uk or contact us on 01273457751