Forest Lodge – Verander

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The Forest Lodge is the ultimate outdoor play room for children. With an upstairs section and a ladder there is more space to play and to store toys. It also comes with six cottage style Perspex windows to provide plenty of light on the lower and upper section of the structure. Your kids will love it. Available with a 2ft veranda and opening cottage windows (not on upper level).

Sizes & Specifications –

  • 8×6-10×10
  • 1ft extended roof feature as standard (2ft Veranda available)
  • Upgraded 60mmx40mm thick framing
  • Curled facia roof boards
  • Cottage style door fitted with black antique iron hinges and handle
  • Cottage style Perspex Windows
  • 72″x40″ Upstairs section with ladder
  • Height at centre 7ft
  • Height at eaves 6ft

1. Select Shed Size

Start by selecting the shed size you require

2. Select flooring

RHINO FLOORING – Double strength of your shed floor with Rhino floor lining

3. Shed Removal

WOODEN SHED REMOVAL – We will take down and remove your old wooden shed

4. Wider Doors

WIDER DOORS – For easy accessibility

5. Opening Window

OPENING WINDOW – Joinery manufactured opening window

Security Anchor

Secure your bikes, ladders etc. Bolted to your shed frame. Includes cable lock.

Ground Bolt

Secure your shed to the ground with Atlas ground bolts. Helps protect against theft and violent storms.


In addition to a solid level base underfloor bearers protect your shed from damp and rot by raising the shed floor off the ground to prevent it sitting in any water. 4 bearers per set. Please note if you have ordered a Sub-frame you will not require bearers.


If you already have a solid base but it is uneven Atlas can fit a sub-frame. A sub-frame provides a level surface for us to erect your shed, whilst also providing underfloor protection.


It is essential to have a solid, level base for your shed. Atlas lay your flags and erect your new shed all on the same day saving you time and effort. We use new flags, sand and cement. Price does not include removal of rubbish. Please have the area clear and level.

Frame Upgrade

Upgrade to our extra thick 60mm x 40mm Framing for additional structural strength. Ideal if your are planning to fit shelves or hang tools.

Felt Upgrade

Upgrade to our extra thick felt for additional protection on your roof.

Bolted to Base

Secure your shed to your base to protect against high winds and improve overall

Security upgrade

Hinges and locks fitted with Anti Theft Screws

Two Storey Playhouse – “Forest Lodge” Playhouse in Brighton

This sturdy and robust wooden Playhouse comes with a impressive 72″x40″ upstairs section providing your children a great play space that offers plenty of space to climb and move around in and will keep them engaged and having fun for years to come.

More about this wooden forest lodge playhouse in Brighton

With plenty of windows this 7ft wooden forest lodge sloped to 6ft at eaves allows in plenty of natural light. The Forest Lodge look comes complete with a stylish 1ft extended roof overhang, Cottage style door and windows, curly roof trims. Black antique iron hinges and handle. Door size approximately 59 x 24 ins.
Complete with floor and 40kg green mineral felted roof. The Number of windows may alter depending on the cabin size.

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