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With the recent boom in shed renovations (see Channel 4’s Shed of the Year) innovative and quirky buildings (Grand Designs) and unusual builds (George Clarkes Amazing Spaces) people are now re-thinking their outdoor space. From a practical point of view, a garden room or summerhouse can provide an excellent outside office space, giving you the peace and quiet you need to work without the distractions of a busy household.

Thinking about your own artist’s studio? The Garden Shed Co offer a wide variety of sheds Brighton. A garden room can easily be converted into extra room to concentrate on your work, somewhere light, airy and a space to truly call “your own”. As an alternative to the classic garden shed or summerhouse in Brighton, a Garden Room is an attractive addition to your property. Typically, garden rooms have more glass included in the structure, offering more light, particularly important if you want to use one as a studio.

The beauty of an outdoor garden building is that you can really get stuck in creatively. Wood is a fantastic medium to work with and can be painted or varnished as you see fit, hence some of the more “interesting” shed renovations we’ve seen (including a shed converted into a road worthy vehicle – if you can believe it). As an addition to your property a garden room adds space, personality, individuality and style.

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by Myles O'Brien

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